Lewis & Cluck Feed Store — come in and stay for the customer service!

I have been shopping at other big, chain feed stores for years. I am really happy that I switched to buying all of my feed and products at Lewis & Cluck Feed Store in Littleton. Pete and his staff spent a lot of time getting to know me and my specific needs. Then they memorized it for the next time I came in. I know they have a ton of customers, but they always make me feel like I am important to them. Guess I go in to to buy feed and stay for the customer service. – David G.

Lewis & Cluck Feed Store sells chicken swings!

I was so excited and when I walked in and I saw that they had chickens swings! When I would tell people there are such things as these they would look at me like I musta had a bump on my head. Nick that was working is a super friendly guy and loves showing me around. They have just about everything you can imagine for chickens. Good healthy foods. It makes me wish I still had chickens. I WOULD recommend going for all your chicken needs.
– Cindy L

Lewis & Cluck Feed Store in Littleton carries products that other stores don’t

I’ve been buying from Pete, the owner, for almost 4 years, almost exclusively. It’s a drive for me but always well worth it. Pete carries products that other stores don’t, better ones in my opinion. Many organic, corn and soy free options. Grit and broken oyster shells are in various volumes, which is nice. Also, he carries great honey products. Thank you, Pete!
– Stephanie D

Lewis & Cluck Feed Store offers a 10-Star Experience

I like quick-in-and-out shopping experiences, yet the owner took the time to spark conversation–like he cared about me. I definitely would recommend that poultry owners take the drive and shop at Lewis & Cluck Feed Store in Littleton. Thank you sir for our feed and straw. Oh we never got a water dispenser for our ducks. Messy like teens as usual, haha. Had to add the last bit ’cause he will probably read this and grin 😉 10-star Experience here! – Moto

Lewis & Cluck Local Feed Store

I will only source my chicken feed from Lewis & Cluck Feed Store. Their staff is extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly. Please reconsider going to big-box stores for mass-produced chicken feed and support this local business. – David S.

Lewis & Cluck Feed Store order online and pick up curbside

My daughter and I went to Lewis & Cluck Feed Store for the first time today. We’ve kept chickens for almost ten years and I don’t know how I didn’t find out about this charming place sooner. It is very focused and has just what you need for your chickens (or other small pets like rabbits or guinea pigs and also backyard birds). You can order online and then just pull up and a very nice staff member will bring your feed to your car. I highly recommend this place for the urban animal lover. – Robin D.

Lewis & Cluck Feed Store is FRIENDLY to new chicken owners

Lewis & Cluck Feed Store in Littleton is AWESOME! We are new to the chicken world and loved the help we received. Their pricing is great and their products are quality. We will return here for all our chicken needs in the future. – Summer G.

Lewis & Cluck Feed Store helped me care for an injured wild bird

SUCH good people!!! I had a hurt bird that flew into my office window (twice) so I took it to Lewis and Cluck to get bird seed just for the night (I released the bird the next day close to my office but just away from the building)) and the gentleman gave me bird seed perfectly sized for the little guy!!! – Lauren H-S.

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